Are you a bad sleeper? Do you feel tired or lifeless?
Do you think that there is more to your life when you feel rested again?

Do you sometimes get desperate if you do not rest well for a more extended period, or worse: have you given up hope that you can resolve your sleep problems? Whatever your situation, we will gladly help you to go to bed well again. Naturally, without medication.

More information

Gijs Kummeling, physician and experience expert, has founded Sleep-e-Clinic©. He knows from his own experience how frustrating sleeping problems are, but also how you can get rid of them. Sleep-e-Clinic© provides fast, effective and affordable home measurements and treatments for sleeping problems. With this, you can determine whether (and to what extent) you suffer from sleeping problems and quickly improve your sleep. Sleep-e-Clinic also offers screenings of sleep apnea (sleep-disrupting interruption of breathing). If necessary, we refer to good healthcare organizations, where we help to keep the waiting time as short as possible.